It feels good to write again

Well, Thanksgiving is over and I finally have time again to sit down and write. In the last few weeks, I've been running myself ragged trying to get everything I needed to do, done. You see I'm going out of town next week to visit my family so I wanted to get all my xmas shopping, wrapping, decorating done Thanksgiving weekend because I have to mail all my gifts. Once I get back from my family visit, I didnt want to be stressed and rushed to get it all done. So anyway, I have 98% of it done, whew. I've been working on all this for the last couple of weeks.

Plus, I needed to get my website up and running and my contract looked over and signed for my new book!
Now thats all done and I can finally sit down and write again.

And here I am spending precious writing time, writing on this blog! Sometimes keeping up with everything you ave to do to become a writer is stress in itself. I had no idea there was so much administrative work involved. I probably spend 75% of my time doing administrative work and 25% actually writing. But it is finally starting to pay off.

I dont have hardly any submissions out there right now so I need to stop yacking on this blog and get to writing. I cant get published unless I write and submit!

Anyway, I hope all my friends had a wonder Thanksgiving.


  1. Hi, Allyn,

    I really like your site. Very cool that you're linking to a blogsite blog. Which service are you using for hosting your website?

  2. Hey, just thought of it, please add one of my sites to your blog list. :)

    Thanks a bunch, Karen.

  3. Hi Allyn,
    Your site looks so cool! Congrats on getting the contract for your new PB.
    Deb :-)