Why Do You Write?

We have to admit it. The pursuit to becoming a published children’s book author is not easy. And some will never accomplish the feat, no matter how hard they try.

All the long hours we spend in front of our computers, at the libraries or wherever else we need to go to research our subjects, really does take a toll on our time. Are we neglecting our families by spending so much time trying to master the art of becoming a writer and getting published? And most times all our hard work is rewarded by the dreaded rejection. Even worse, 95% of our rejections don’t even give us a tiny little hint of what we did wrong. Our writing ego’s really get broken down.

It’s funny how our mood swings change so drastically too. For me, I get a real high when I write a story that I think is going to be great. My spirit sores to the moon once I finish the story and actually submit it. Then before I know it, I take that long walk to the mailbox and there it is… a self-addressed, stamped envelope which almost always contains the standard form rejection letter. It might not even be for that story I was so high about the day before, but nonetheless, it’s still a rejection. I sulk the rest of the day.

So how do we bring ourselves back up from that? How do we get through another day of rejection? How do we burst our writing ego’s back up again?

For me, I have to first “grieve” for that rejected story for a little bit. Secondly, I complain to a writing buddy who picks me back up every time (thank god for writing buddies!!). And thirdly, I have to get back to my computer and start writing again! The grieving suddenly disappears in my memory.

But the best way for me to get over the grieving process is to remember why I’m writing in the first place. It’s not for the money (ha, what money!!), it’s not for the recognition, it’s all because I want to make a child laugh and smile when reading my story. I want to connect to little kids.

I’m curious though. What is your REAL deep down reason for writing?


  1. I've always said I write because it's who I am. If I didn't write, I'd feel crazy. I mean I've got voices in my head! Seriously though, I've always loved to read. Books opened my mind to so many worlds when I was growing up and if I can do that for a child, then it's all worth it.

  2. I write because the pictures in my mind won't stop dancing until I get them on "paper."

  3. I think that's the reason we all write, Allyn. We'd go crazy if we didn't. That's the truth. For me, writing, and singing, release great emotions. I'm able to forget the world while I'm in the midst of either of these two activities. For me, sometimes forgetting the world is what it takes to keep me sane. :)

  4. I love escaping into other worlds through books, and I want to do the same for the next generation of avid readers...that, and the characters in my head demand it of me.

  5. Writing and reading for me has been away to escape into a world all my own and the lonliness I felt as a young child. I want to be able to give back to future generations.

  6. I'm still not use to even calling myself a writer. I feel like I fell into it and if I didn't write my book then I would be saying "No" to God.
    But, through the process- I emerged a writer. (who is now preparing to start her second book)

  7. Wow, so well put and kind of how I feel myself! Congratulation on starting your 2nd book. Goodluck with it!