My First Ever Book Signing Experience

Most of you know by now that I have just gotten my first picture book The Pea In Peanut Butter published. I mean after all, I talk about it almost daily!  I wanted to share with you all my experience with my trip back to my hometown in which I read my story to the kids and then signed books afterwards. I did this at the library in my hometown and the neighboring town.
Anyway, I am feeling so blessed. Normally I’m kind of a negative type person as far as myself goes. I am always thinking that everything good that happens to me must have been a fluke or something.  But after this experience… well I just feel blessed. It was no fluke. I really did get a book published and my hometown really did make me feel like a celebrity for a few days! And remember, I haven’t lived in this town for over 30 years now. And on top of that my parents, sister and brother really did drive all the way down from Virginia just for the day to support me. That is definitely no fluke and it doesn’t get any better than that!
Now how did the people of my hometown make me feel special? The town newspaper did a front page story all about me… little (well not so little in size anymore) me! Both the libraries made fliers about my coming and signing. Both libraries had volunteers on hand to help me with anything I needed. They all told me how honored and excited they were to have a real live published author in their library and one that was from that town to boot. But one of the best parts was that the attendance of some of my old classmates, friends, and even parents of friends was just well, almost overwhelming! Gosh my head swelled to the size of a giant beach ball! At least in my thoughts anyway.
And the kids. What do I say about the kids! I had little girls come up to me after the readings and tell me they loved my story and thanked me for coming and reading to them. It just melted my heart and right then, I knew EXACTLY why I decided to write picture books. Those little kids smiles, laughs and sweet words are what it is all about for me. One thing I must share with you all is after one of my readings I asked the kids, “Do you have any questions?” The cutest little girl in the world raised her hand. “I do, I do. What is 99 plus 9?” Oh my gosh that was the funniest thing! My story had absolutely nothing to do with numbers, not one thing. I told her, “Well I write stories, I don’t do Math but I think it is 108. Can I ask you why you asked me that question?” Her answer was, “Cause I didn’t know the answer.” How funny is that!!!!
Ok, I’ve bored you all enough so I’ll just end by saying it was a huge success. I sold over 70 books and have gotten more orders. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!! Now I have to get busy scheduling book signings where I’m living now and get that next picture book written!
Thanks for listening and if you have any book signing experiences to share, please do so!


  1. Allyn, I'm so glad your first signing went so well! My first one is this Saturday. I'm excited. I did have a school visit though in my hometown, and it was very similar to your experience. The welcoming was overwhelming. The paper ran an article. The kids and teachers made me feel like a celebrity, and while it wasn't a signing, I signed more autographs than I can count. I also sold books to the teachers. It was amazing. I hope my first signing goes as well.

    OMG, I just saw you have my book on your Shelfari bookshelf! Thanks!

  2. Well DAH, Kelly! I love your book!! LOL
    Don't worry your book signing will go great. Just remember that they say a good book signing is when you sell 5-10 books so don't be disappointed if you don't sell more than that. I will NEVER have another book signing like I did back home. The first night there were about 19 kids and a ton of adults, most of which were my friends and family so I sold over 50 books. The next day, there were about 30 kids and maybe 10 adults so I sold maybe 10 books. That night the signing was in a neighboring town, had about 10 kids and a handful of adults so sold maybe 5-6 books and 3 of those were from one of my best friends who bought books the first night and came back and bought more. (what a friend, huh). Anyway, I'm positive that will never happen again!!
    Goodluck and let us know how yours goes.

  3. I'm so glad you had such a positive experience. As a reader I love when authors visit, read from, and talk about their books. It makes the reading experience so much more personal.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. And I have discovered by reading my book aloud, it will hopefully help me be a better writer. Seeing the reaction of the kids faces, when and what they laugh at or smile to, I believe will help me write a better story. So it's good for both the audience AND the author. Plus it's great fun!

  5. What a great experience, Allyn! I hope all of your signings go that well.

  6. Thanks, Ellen... that would be nice!

  7. That's so cool, Al! What a lovely story. You deserve all the praise you get. What an accomplishment!

  8. Very cool and congrats. I love reading about other authors experiences.

    All the best,

    VS Grenier

  9. Thanks Cat and Virginia. I do feel blessed!

  10. Wow! Congratulations, Allyn. What an amazing turn-out and support. That is just the cutest about the little girl's question. Dream come true.

  11. This is so wonderful to hear. I am so glad your signing went well. BTW I really loved this book of yours.


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  13. Thanks so much Carrie & Courtney.

    And thanks you Deirdra for the wonderful award!