Critiquing Part II

Hi everyone! I hope you’all are doing great and being more productive than ever with your writing!

Fall is finally upon us. Even down here in ‘swamp’ country we are getting a break from the heat. Too bad we don’t get to enjoy all the beautiful fall colors you northerners will experience in the fall. Oh well, as long as the 90 degree weather goes away, I’ll be happy.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about whether or not the ‘silent’ critique was of any value. This week I found a fantastic break down of the different kinds of critiquer’s there are and so I thought I’d just continue on with that subject.

I thought it might be interesting to some of you to read this fantastic article I found on Making The Most Of Criticism. Just click on the following link to read the article. This blog has all kinds of other wonderful tips on writing as well. In this particular article, I thought the author captured the different types of critique’s just perfectly and has proven to me that we as writer’s, really need a little bit of all these styles.


  1. Thanks for the great link Allyn. The critiques that help me the most are the ones that not only find any boo boo's I have made but where they also tell me what they think of the story itself. Was it stupid? Too boring? That kind of thing.