Book and Coloring Book Giveaway

Happy New Year everyone!

Whew… I put a pair of jeans on this morning for the first time since being off for the Christmas holiday and they actually still fit!! I was so afraid I’d eaten myself into another size but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet. But if I don’t get a hold of it now, I’ll have to start wearing my fat jeans again!

Truthfully though, that is just another reason why writing has helped me. If I can put my mind to becoming a children’s picture book writer and actually get published than surely I can find that same strength and willpower to lose some weight! Getting published in 2011 has given me the power of positive thinking that I really never had before. Sure I’ve been positive about many things in my life; however it always seemed to go in reverse for me. EXCEPT with my writing! Positive thinking and working harder than I’ve ever worked on anything else in my life, has truly proven to me that I can do whatever I put my mind to and really want to accomplish. So losing some weight this year is definitely on my list of “positive” things I must complete in 2012. What’s on your list?

Of course I have lots of writing goals on my list as well. One of which is to try even harder this year to market my book The Pea In Peanut Butter. So the first thing on that list for 2012 is to giveaway  a free copy of the book and a free copy of the coloring book version. I’ll be giving away one of each to two lucky winners! I will assign each comment a number and let a random number generator pick the winners. You will have until Thursday, January 12th to comment. Each comment counts as a chance to win as long as you follow the guidelines listed below.

(1) Follow my blog if you aren’t already a follower;
(2) Comment on this post and tell me one of your goals for the year;
(3) Then tell me how you intend on accomplishing that goal.
(4) Make sure I have your email address so I can notify you of your winnings.

I wish all my friends and followers much success and happiness in 2012 and goodluck with the giveaway!


  1. I would love to win the giveaway for "The Pea in the Peanut Butter". I am fairly new to the world of reviewing books, and am starting to get a new appreciation for children's books. All of my children are grown and are having children of their own, so I am being exposed again to all things for kids- boy, have things changed!
    I had really gotten away from my love for reading over the years, so writing reviews has helped me get back into that. One of my favorite things about writing reviews has to be reading books from the authors that are not very well known. There are some fantastic authors out there just waiting to be discovered, and I love being a part of that process!
    I'd have to say that my biggest goal for the year is to read and review more Indie authors. When I am choosing books to review, the majority do come from those considered unknown or less-known. My reading goal for 2012 is to read 100 books, and I am shooting for 75% or more of them to be Indie authors.
    You can contact me at:
    Thank You.

  2. Hi Allyn,
    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. I though I was following you before. I could've sworn that I signed up but am following you now. I intend to get my PB published & review more books this year. As Julie said, there are so many really good indie or self pubbed authors out there that it's an honor to be involved in the process of helping to get their names out there. I believe you have my address!

  3. Julie,

    Thanks for your comment and you have quite a goal for 2012. 100 books! I could never read that many in one year because I am such a slow reader, but I truly envy anyone who has the time and ability to read that many books. Goodluck with your goal!

  4. Yes, Deb, I know where to hunt you down for your email address!! LOL

    I'm rooting for you on getting that PB published this year! Goodluck as always.

  5. I am signing up for this giveaway. It's such a cute book, and my 3 yr old would have lots of fun with it.
    My goal for 2012 is to learn how to be a better gardener and have a successful backyard vegetable garden. My family has farmed for generations, but in just two short generations all that valuable information has been lost. I want to learn how to garden to both honor my family history and provide for my own family's needs. It feels so good to be productive! I have been doing a lot of research on what plants grow well in my area, and how to start the seedlings in my windowsill.
    Come by my blog,
    I'm also having a terrific new year's book giveaway.
    Contact me at

  6. I plan on reading at least 100 books and I plan on doing that buy stalking as many authors as possible....LOL
    You think it will work????
    No, really the reading part is true....but stalking Nahhhh :0)

  7. Jean,

    I think your 3 yr. old would really enjoy the book too!

    You have a great goal for 2012, one that I will probably never EVER achieve so I am very envious. Even to have the desire to grow my own garden would be a great achievement in my book let alone actually do it. Goodluck with it, I know you can do it!! I'll go check out your blog.

  8. BJ,

    Us authors don't mind being stalked one bit as long as you are really interested in our work!! I have my own stalker (she knows who she is) and I love it! Actually, I'm kidding... real stalkers are not a good thing. But I love your goal of reading 100 books this year. There is no way I could accomplish that. Last year my goal was just to read more and watch less TV. I'd say I did so so on that goal. Hopefully I'll do better this year!

  9. Hi Allyn,

    Don't enter me in the drawing. I already have a copy. I'm just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you reach all of your 2012 writing goals.

  10. Hi Allyn:

    Congratulations on your children's book and your write-up in the December 2011 issue of Children's Book Insider.

    Best regards,
    Award-winning Children’s Author
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog

  11. Hi Allyn, I don't suppose I'd qualify for this giveaway because I'm in Singapore. But I just want to wish you my best in your goals. And congrats on publishing a PB in 2011! :)

  12. Thanks, inluvwithwords. Happy new year to you as well!

  13. Thanks Claudine. I'm afraid I wouldn't have a clue how to mail something to Singapore!

  14. VERY NICE BLOG....LOVE YOUR HEADER....stopping by from Book Blogs to take a look around.