Goblins, Goobers, and real Monsters

Happy day after Halloween everyone!

We didn't have as many Halloweeny Goblins as usual last night and now I have tons of candy left. This year I did try to not buy as much as I normally do because since I got laid off from my job I have no office to share my leftovers with. I also tried to buy candy I wouldn't be that tempted to eat. Like gooey bugs, ring suckers, and sour whatevers. I hardly had any chocolate at all. But now what do I do with all those leftovers?

I miss being a kid at Halloween. It was so much fun dressing up and running the streets gathering up candy. My favorite was the big candy bars and the homemade things we sometimes got. Times have changed though. Now you NEVER get homemade goodies unless you go to a party or something. And the candy bars are more like candy bites.

Halloween is so commercial nowadays right down to the costumes. I saw barely a costume that was made by "mommy." They were mostly very clearly, store bought. However, my favorite of the night were two little boys dressed up in astronaut suits. They were store bought all the way, but still adorable.

Anyway, goodbye Halloween... until next year!

Now I'd like to express my sympathies to all those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Boy can I relate to what you are going through. Living here in Baton Rouge, LA we have seen our share of disaster. Baton Rouge didn't fare too badly during Hurricane Katrina but we witnessed first hand the devastation of New Orleans and the sadness from the people living there. I worked for an insurance company at the time and cried for weeks as I dealt with people who lost everything.

The people of Baton Rouge made out a lot worse from the next Hurricane which was Gustov (I think). Most people lost electricity for weeks. At my house we lost it for 2 weeks and let me tell you, it was no fun at all. We did finally wait in line for 2-3 hours to buy a generator and then 2-3 hours more for gas, but it was worth it. The generator saved us to where we didn't suffer too much. We also have a gas stove and hot water heater so we had it much better then some. I know alot of people who had trees destroy their roofs and much more damage.

But the good thing about these horrible monsters called hurricanes is that we do rebuild. New Orleans has been back up strong for many years now and New York will get there too. It will take lots of time, strength, courage, and working together but it will happen. And you will probably come out even stronger.


  1. I LOVE sour whatevers...they are my favorite! The polar bear and the penquin love them too.

  2. Good to know this storm didn't reach you, Allyn. Hope our friends on WR are safe, too!

  3. The disasters tend to bring out the brotherly love in our fellow man. We come together. I heard DWTS raised 15 billion dollars for Red Cross to help the people destroyed by hurricane Sandy. What a blessing. That's wonderful you and others thinking of them. Thanks for being so kind, Allyn.

  4. I forgot to say - I really like that cover for Bree Discovers the Color of Love. I hope the illustrator gets to finish the drawings soon so the little kids can get their personal copies. Love is a beautiful color!!!