Welcome Fall!

Finally one of my favorite seasons is here! To those of you who live up north, it's probably been visiting you for a few weeks already. Down here in Louisiana, it visited us for two days last week but summer has pushed it's way back. We are back in the high 80's to 90's. GO AWAY SUMMER!! I am in desperate need of fall.

What I love most about fall is the gorgeous colors of the leaves, which in Louisiana we don't get to see much of. But a girl can dream!

Getting out the boots. I love my boots. To me they are the most comfortable shoe to wear and besides, they sure look cute!

It's time to warm up some chili! I love chili, Yum! But only when the weather is cold and crisp.

Sweats! Like boots, I love throwing on my sweats and romping around. They might not show off our women's physique but who cares! They are comfy. (I'm not posting a picture because let's face it, we all look like crap in them!)

Taking walks with my dogs and looking at all the Halloween decorations.

Candy corn! Love that stuff especially the fat orange pumpkins.

The new TV season begins! Thank goodness because I get so sick of summer reruns! This year I'm enjoying the new show The Mysteries of Laura. Has anyone else been watching it? Also, I really look forward to seeing the new episodes of shows like Revenge, Nashville, Scandal, Greys Anatomy, The Millers, and The Voice. I'm happy now!
And I love, love, love attending the Louisiana Book Festival that happens every November. It's so enjoyable to me to sit outside in the crisp cool air, and watch people's reaction to my books. I hope they enjoy my new book, Kailee Finds Magic IN Words. Wish me luck!

Another thing I love about fall coming is going to visit my family in Virginia. I usually do that every fall. My husband stays home so I get my own, real quality time with my parents, sister and brother. In fact, I'm heading up there this week so that means I will not be updating my blog until I return.
What do you like best about fall?


  1. The only good things about fall are my boots and the candy. Ha! No seriously. I have already pulled out my wool moccasins. I have taken my uggs to the cleaners. I am ready to go. Bring it on!

    1. You are a cool weather, Scrooge, Courtney! Let's trade places.

  2. I love the smell of fall- the rain on too long dry grassy fields, the whiff of smoke from fireplaces, the cold morning air. It all smells wonderful, and after raking leaves I love the smell of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and a strong tea with lemon and a little Jim Beam. Ahhh.

    1. A little Jim Beam...of course! I like the way you think, Sherry!!

  3. I love all your pictures Allyn. It's autumn in the UK too, lovely colours and even some blue sky between the showers. I agree with you on so many things I feel I could have written this post. Boots, chili, sweats, Halloween decorations, new programs on TV, visiting family – yes please. The candy looks good too. I hope the book festival goes well, wish I could visit.

  4. I love the fall. I never got into candy corn though.

    Good luck with your event. I have four planned between today and November 1st. Two on the 1st actually. Busy fall for me.