I'm sick of this heat, anyone else with me!!?? It's been over 100 degrees here in Louisiana for the past week. Oh if only we could buy weather like we can buy everything else in this world. But it's the one thing that is entirely left up to God. However, if he ever decides to "put it up for sale", I'll take some 70 degree weather, please! I want to breathe again!

But since I can't buy good weather, I bought a spot in an online marketing class instead. (At least I can take it indoors in the air conditioning!). I'm not finished with the course yet but one of the things it's teaching me is that marketing isn't all about getting my face out there to sell my book. It's more about getting my face out there to offer people something they might really want. Then once I make that connection with them, then I can plug in my "buy my book" pitch once in awhile.

I'm learning that on social media if all you're doing is advertising that you have a book for sale, that that doesn't really work. People get tired of seeing that all the time. People want something that will benefit them. Which is so true. I myself get tired of authors who only advertise their books but have nothing else to offer. So why was I thinking it would work for me?

Well, I just didn't know any better, that's why. What this course is teaching me is really making sense and I'm learning things I've never heard before.

So, my first order of "changing my marketing strategy" starts today. Instead of telling you more about my books, I'm going to give you the link to this course, put on by Children's Book Insider/CBI Clubhouse  so that you might get some benefit out of it too. It's at a very reasonable rate and in my opinion, well worth it. To find out more, click here:

I'm also going to share with you a link to one of my favorite blogs. Kristen Lamb is a hoot and not only gives authors all kinds of very valuable info but she also delivers it in a very entertaining way. Here's the link:



  1. Thanks Allyn for the link. I'll check it out. I need to get busy.

  2. We've had mild temperatures lately, for summer anyway. My pool is actually warmer than the temperature outside.

    1. Wow. You could fry an egg on my back patio these days!

  3. Sorry you are suffering so in the southern temperatures. Know it's the humidity that is getting you down. By the end of September air will be beautifully breathable again. So hand on. BTW, thanks for sharing the marketing tip as well as the link we can get more info from. You are a gem (glistening brightly in that Louisiana sun...haha). No. You are a diamond, a true gem, sharing with us. Thanks!!

  4. that was meant to be -- hang on -- not hand on. Sorry.

  5. marketing marketing marketing. That's what it's all about, ain't it!!

  6. Marketing is what I'm researching now. I'm asking questions about it over on my blog. I just happened to see your topic on this and thought I'd stop by. Thanks for the links.

  7. I've read and enjoyed several Kristen Lamb blog articles . Need to check her blog out again for updates. Thanks for the reminder!

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