A Writing Prompt for Fall

Now that Halloween has come and gone, that means the busy holiday season is approaching us quickly. I don't know about you, but it's very hard for me to stay focused or find the time to do much writing with all the hustle and bustle of things to do during this time. And coming up with ideas to write about is difficult this time of year too as our minds are on the gazillion things we have to get done.

So instead of spending countless hours trying to come up with something new and exciting to write on my blog or wasting time staring at my blank screen,  I decided to treat myself and look up fall pictures on the internet. Since I live down south, we don't get to see the leaves change so seeing all the beautiful fall colors online is especially breath taking for me. But, I wanted to find something interesting but "eerie" looking that would get all of our creative juices flowing.

Take a look at this photo and have some fun with it. Can you come up with a storyline? If so, tell us about it!


  1. Oh, that's a cool picture!

    Living where I do, I also miss out on the autumn colors, though there is a place called Hope Valley that turns absolutely gold in the fall.

    When I'm creatively dry, I find looking at pictures stirs the embers of the imagination quite well. This picture actually reminds me of a book I had been planning on writing and it's just spooky enough to make me excited. :-)

  2. I can see many ideas in that photo! But then again I like the scary horror-esq stuff.

    I don't miss out on any of the colors of the you know. It does not inspir me though. It makes my creative juices dry up and vanish until Spring. LOL


  3. The pumpkin's smile was too bright
    The bites were hungry enough to bite
    The house started to creak and groan
    And even the graveyard started to moan.
    Everything, it seemed, was ready for a fright. BOOOO!

  4. That' s "The bats were hungry enough to bite."

    Compliments of my 10 year old grand daughter.