A New Year

Well folks, 2011 is almost here!! Why is it that the older you get the faster time flys by? It should be the other way around. I mean, think about it. When you're younger, you have no idea what life is all about. You have nothing, you do nothing, you go nowhere. I'm talking about before the age of 18. But those days seem to go on forever! You just can't wait to turn 18, get out of school and brag to everyone that you are now 18 and can do what you want!!

My point is, every year just comes and goes before I realize it anymore. However, that's no excuse to not accomplish as much as you can in that year. I started 2010 out with the dream of getting at least one story published. I'm amazed that it actually happened. My story The Witches Next Door was published in the October issue of the Irish StoryTeller Tymes, Next, my story Oogles of Imagination was published by Sams Dot Publishing in their December issue of Spacesports and Spidersilk,

Plus, I have 3 other stories scheduled to be published in 2011. A publication date of July is scheduled, at the moment, for my very first picture book The Pea in Peanut Butter by FutureWord Publishing. That was my ultimate goal for 2010, so I am thrilled beyond belief and am very proud of myself!

Also scheduled for a July publication date is my story The Homecoming Parade, in the Looking Back magazine.

Bumples Magazine is publishing my story Cookies for Punch but a publishing date for that is still pending.

I couldn't be happier with my success in 2010.

Therefore, I have set my goals much higher for 2011. I know I will have to work even harder in 2011, but I'm ready and will enjoy every second of it.

What goals did YOU accomplish in 2010? And are you proud of yourself?


  1. You have accomplished a lot this year. Its funny to see it all listed out and realize, wow. Did I accomplish my 2010 goals...yes. Now on to 2011. Happy New Year.


  2. Thanks Courtney. Right back at ya!