A mother to be proud of!!

Today I'd like to share some news with you about my mother because I am so proud of her. She just turned 83 yrs. old this past November. All of her life she has wanted to write a novel; however she never got past just thinking about it. Until recently. Once she saw that I was taking the bull by the horns by writing and actually submitting things, she has decided that she could do it too. Even though she has macular degeneration! Now that takes spunk, determination and drive.

She can still see, but not very well. Editing her work is nearly impossible. When she tries to read, she can only see partial letters of a word. They all begin to run together. But... this is not stopping her! She has just finished her 2nd novel of a series and is ready to begin the 3rd.

I was able to read some of her 2nd novel while I was visiting recently, and she really has talent. Her characters are really clever and her writing is very interesting. I have a sister who is a freelance editor/writer so she is editing my mother's work.

While I was visiting my mother recently, she made the statement that maybe she just wouldn't write anymore. She felt like no one was really impressed with her work. Of course I encouraged her and told her my favorite quotation that I once read about writing which is, "you can't get published if you give up!"

Do you have a favorite writing quotation that you would like to share? One that might give my mom some much needed encouragement?

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