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Now on to my post for this week...


Have you ever thought about that? Well my answer to that question is a definite “You betcha!”

Maybe we as writers didn’t start out thinking that we were necessarily generous people, however when you stop to think about everything and everyone that we have to give of ourselves to, I wonder if we aren’t some of the most generous people we know?

After all, think about how much writers give of themselves. We give anyone who will listen, thousands of our most intimate thoughts. We put them down on paper for their enjoyment. Let’s face it, most of us writers get next to nothing for that generosity, we just like doing it. We love dreaming and hoping that our words might make someone happy. That perhaps something we wrote might make a child smile and laugh. Our words might help someone through a difficult time in their life. And our words might take someone off into an adventure that they otherwise might never have been able to experience.

We writers give of our expertise to other writers by joining critique groups. If any of you are in one of those groups, think of everything that we learn from the group. We willingly trade writing secrets and knowledge to anyone that shows a desire to learn.

Most writers I know make time out of their busy schedules to check out other writers blogs and leave comments to help each other.

Let’s just admit it. We are AWESOME!!

So today, I’d like to continue on with that generosity and post a couple of my most helpful websites that I use in my storytelling and I challenge you to do the same.

Here is a site that I log onto almost every time I sit down to write a story. It’s a wonderful site that is full of ideas on how to describe places, actions, movement.

Next up is a wonderful thesaurus site:

Here is a great one to find words that rhyme:

This is another good site for descriptive verbage:

If you need to find a fairy or fantasy name, this is a great site for that. It also tells you what the name means.

And finally, here is a helpful site if you want to find out the readability age of your manuscript:

Now it’s your turn! If you are feeling generous today, let me know some of your favorite, most valuable writing sites or resources and hopefully we can both give some great help to another fellow writer who is in need of it. Let’s share the love!



    The children's book Insider clubhouse is one of my favorite helpful spots.
    I also belong to the society of children's book writers and illustrators which is very valuable too.

  2. Hi Allyn, I like this idea of sharing links. Here are a few newsletters I count on to deliver new market news:

    Writers Weekly:

    Funds for Writers:

    Writing for Dollars:


    The Practicing Writer:

  3. I get most of my writing help from
    The Institute of Children's Literature's articles, transcripts with writers and chatroom:

    For marketing and networking, I go to and

    Nice post, Allyn!

  4. Am going to have to check out some of these links. I also love SheWrites (Kamy wins the generosity thing). I try to do my part there and in two other places:

    A writer page on my author website: (a portal to writing resources, excercises, and tips)


    1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started (where a lot of very generous authors share their stories):

  5. Hi there, she-writer here! I agree that writers are such a great community and always love meeting and talking to other writers. Other that shewrites, I also love, and Elisabeth Weed's The Weekly Weeder. Oh, and Allison Winn Scotch's blog. Also Wow (Women on Writing)
    Best, Cristina