Welcome to anyone who is visiting from the She Writes Blog Hop! I'm thrilled that you decided to stop by.

This is a great way to check out each others blog so enjoy! I'm looking forward to checking yours out as well.


  1. Hello Allyn, I'm here from She Writes. Good luck the The Pea in Peanut Butter - what a lovely title!

  2. Hi Allyn, last day for She Writes blog hopping. So glad you added your name...almost missed you. I have no young children nor do I work with any but I can really appreciate your stories from a writer's perspective. I checked out the Pea in the Peanut butter...charming. I must say that I prefer peanut butter to Fruit Rollups too.

  3. Hi Allyn - I'm also coming by with She Writes. I also love your book title; it reminds me of the book "There's an Ant in Anthony" which was popular in the early 90s, but even by looks alone yours is brighter and more inviting. I wish you great success!