Has anyone else seen the new Footloose movie? I wanted to wait until it had been out a few weeks so it would be less crowded, but of course I couldn’t take it and went last weekend. The theater wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be so that was fine. And the movie? I enjoyed it. But there was not near the amount of dancing that was in the first version. I really expected them to really focus on Julianne Hough’s dancing skills but they really didn’t. She did a great job of acting though, in my opinion, especially since she is really known more as a dancer/singer than an actress.
I’m totally jealous of her now though. She really looked as though she were only 17 at the oldest. That just isn’t fair! The movie seemed to focus more on her good looks than her dancing. Same with Kevin Bacons old character. He was very cute and did a good job of acting as well but he just didn’t play as dynamic of a character as Kevin did in the first version.
Does everyone remember in the old version, Kevin Bacon’s character teaching Christopher Penn how to dance? Remember how huge and clunky Christopher Penn’s character was? And how you felt in the scene where he actually dances well at the end. You felt like getting up and cheering for him!! Well in this new version they had the same type of character, and he was cute and comical, but definitely not as fun as in the first Footloose. I was a bit disappointed in that.
I really don’t quite understand why the movie industry INSISTS on remaking all the good movies. Why? The 2nd version is NEVER as good as the first. If you want to remake one of the BAD old movies, then yes… definitely take a stab at it. But why the good ones? There is a reason the movie was so popular so why not just leave it alone. Why not use your imagination for a change and actually come up with a brand spankin’ new idea for a movie!! I’m so tired of everything being a remake.
But then when you really think about it, it’s kind of the same in book writing. Every subject, every moral, every type of character has already been written about at least once. It’s virtually impossible to come up with a totally original idea for a book. Something about every story has already been done. However, in writing, you can definitely change the entire story around and make it unique. Why not do that in movies? Instead, they just remake it almost identical to another version. I don’t understand that.
All in all, I really enjoyed Footloose and it was worth the money for the ticket and of course, popcorn. However, I still don’t get why Hollywood even made the remake. In my opinion, I would have enjoyed them bringing the old one back to the big screen. Why don’t they just do that?


  1. Your description made me want to see the original again....and it's the weekend. Perfect timing!

  2. Allyn, I haven't watched this version yet, and I don't know if I will, cos I rather like Kevin Bacon's.

  3. I try to convince myself to be glad they're remaking them because it might bring the movie to young fans who wouldn't have watched the old one. I can definitely remember watching a "new" movie and finding out it was a remake. If it was a movie I liked, I almost always sought out the old one to see which I liked better.

  4. I was never a fan of the original, so I'm not tempted by the remake.

  5. You would think the dancing would be a big part, since it was last time. The first version, not only was great, it got a great point across without throwing it in our face. People try to live life under the law instead of under the blood. And somewhere the preacher (in the old version) was taught it was a sin to dance and listen to music). Seems he wasn't too familiar with David. Hee-hee. Anyway, the old one was great. I considered going to see the new one cause I like the lead girl. She is a great runs in her family. And I love dancing and music!! I enjoyed your review. AND I LOVE THE LITTLE GIRL ON THE COVER OF YOUR BOOK...THE PEA IN PEANUT favorite food in life!!

  6. I am a HUGE fan of the original. I plan on seeing the remake, but not in the theater. Thanks for the great review. Now I want to see it all the more.


  7. I didn't even know they remade this movie! Interesting.