Beemer Rings the Bell

Check out my latest published story Beemer Rings the Bell on Guardian Angel/Kids. It's a semi-true story as I do have a dog named Beemer and I taught her to ring the bell. Not quite the way Jason in the story does, but still... it worked. Well most of the time. Beemer actually loves to ring the bell so much that half the time we ignore her. So she will ring, ring, ring it and then when we finally get up to let her outside, what does that little squirt do? She runs the other way. She loves to just make us get up!


  1. It sounds like she helps you do your daily exercise. Ha-ha. But that is adorable.

    And your publisher did an awesome job on the new cover, just like they did on The Pea in Peanut Butter. I love it!!


  2. Thanks, Deb, but this was done by a totally different publisher Guardian Angel/kids and it was a story for a magazine, not a book. But anyway, I was really pleased with the illustration. Wish I had that talent!

  3. Congrats. What a cute story. I love how animals, writing, and children can keep us young at heart.

  4. Thanks Carol. I can't imagine my life without a cuddly dog or cat!

  5. You and me both. Art is definitely a gift from God. It's one He passed by me, not to me. My mother was a great artist. My daughter and oldest grandson were wonderfully talented at 3 years old (when I was drawing stick figures-still am). They are all gifted.

    Anyway - I loved the picture. The little boy and his dog are just so lovable...so cute.

  6. This sounds like a great story! I once had a dog but I was too young to remember how we played together. But I remember how I used to just sit or stand beside good ol' Trigger, and talking to him. I miss him. We had a second dog we named after him, but it was never the same. We never had a dog since the second one died.

    Your picture is beautiful; makes me miss Trigger more.

    All the best,

    Nancy @ Simple Clockwork

  7. Nancy,

    I can't imagine my boring life without a dog! I love them so much. They add such fun and joy. However, when you lose one, you wonder if it IS all worth it because it's just so hard!!