Psychic Ability: Is It Real?

I was watching a show the other day where they were debating whether or not some people really do have some psychic ability or are they just fooling us? I decided it might be a fun subject to talk about today.

When I think about that question, most times I would have to answer that Psychic’s are just good guessers and are just trying to skam us into believing. However, I think that question sometimes deserves a definite yes.

Me, I’d rather have medium powers then to be able to tell peoples futures. I’d much rather be able to see ghosts and talk to them. Sure it would make your life a lot more complicated but, if I saw a ghost it would definitely reassure me that there really is life after death.

Although I think it would be much more fascinating to have Medium powers, I think I may have a teensy tiny bit of ESP myself. Here’s why:

1. One time while I was working at a factory, I was daydreaming that this certain guy friend of mine would be in the parking lot waiting for me to get off work. I hadn’t talked to this friend in a long time and as far as I knew he was still living 4 hours away. But, I was just feeling a strong need to see him. I daydreamed that I would clock out, and while I was walking to my car, I would hear someone whisper my name, “Allyn.” I would not see anyone because it was dark out, so I would continue to my car. Then I’d hear it again, “Allyn.” And then I would see him in his car, we would go somewhere and talk. And do you know that after my shift that night, that very exact thing happened EXACTLY as I had daydreamed. EXACTLY. Pretty freaky huh?

2. Another time I was driving around town (that’s all we had to do in my small town) and my mind was on a classmate that we had just lost in a car accident. I was driving around wondering who would be next to die. (a bit morbid I know). Anyway, I drove by a friend’s house and I said outloud to myself that he would be next. And you won’t believe this, but one month later, he died in a car accident. Now that is REALLY FREAKY!!

I’ve had a few things like that happen to me over the years and I don’t like it one bit. 99.9% of my thoughts never happen, however when they do… it feels terribly weird.

I wonder if I had real psychic powers if it would help my writing? Would I be able to tell which stories would be published and which wouldn’t? Would I be able to tell what my character was going to do before I’d even written the ending?

I do believe that some people have real psychic powers because of the few things that have happened to me but what about you? Do you believe there are people out there that really can tell the future? And if you had that special power, would you want it?


  1. I believe there are people who really have more 'access' to the spiritual world that most of us don't. I wouldn't want to have that power, because I like the here-and-nows. :)

  2. The content on your website never confuses me

  3. Driving to work one day I had to stop and let an ambulance past, as it overtook me, I knew my brother-in-law was in the back, and I knew that he had died. Don’t ask me how I knew; I just did. I found out later that he had gone to buy a newspaper, had a heart attack and died in the street. I will never forget that strange feeling.

  4. Barbara,

    Wow, that's freaky and not a good freaky either. Sorry about your brother-in-law.

  5. I definitely believe in certain psychic abilities, as I have a couple. One, I can see and talk to ghosts, and have lived with 3 separate ghosts during my life. One was just a few years ago, and my husband..a dyed-in-the-wool non-believer in any of "that stuff" believes in ghosts because he's seen what they can do with his own eyes. but he can't communicate with them. The other ability is to know when something is going to happen. Sometimes something good, sometimes bad. After living with me for 33 years, my husband never fails to listen to me when I say 'Don't do this, or Don't go now' or whatever. Recently, he was going fishing with a friend, and the night before I asked him not to go. I said I knew something was going to happen and he might be involved. He called his buddy and said he wasn't going, told him why, and the friend didn't go, either. The next day we heard on the news about a fatal accident on the way to the happened at almost the exact time the guys would have been at that particular spot. The first ability is fun and sometime down right spooky, but the second is one that often throws me for a loop. So I do believe in some psychic abilities, but not in all that are claimed to be true. I think a lot is scammed.

  6. I do believe in the un-believable, but sometimes I think mostly its just people who are more aware of what is going on around them and not so much magic. I suppose maybe they are just good guessers, but I think its more than that too. They can feel more and see more than most. Whether its the emotion coming off of others, or a stray beam of sunshine that illuminates something others dont see, those few people can see it and do feel it and that is what makes them...sensitive. Fun fun post this week Allyn!

  7. Thank your for this thought provoking blog. In my opinion, yes, psychic reading ability is real. But then, I might be a a bit biased!