Missing In Action

I know, I know, I haven't posted in quite awhile. Did you think I've given up writing on my blog? Did you think I'd been kidnapped because I'm such a beautiful, interesting person that of course someone would want me?

Did you wonder if I'd won the lottery and flew the coup with all my millions (I wish)? Did you think that from my last post my husband and I loved New York so much we just up and moved there?

Well all of those are wrong. The boring truth is, I just didn't do it! Remember when I posted that my husband and I were trying to decide about retirement. Whether we should move someplace beautiful or choose to live near family? Truth is, we still aren't sure. My husband did, however, officially retire the end of June. Woo hoo!

Anyway, my mind has swayed away from writing and is totally concentrating on retirement. In my small mind, I have already chosen to move to Texas near my sister and nieces. However, we haven't even seen the area yet. We have a trip up there scheduled in a week or so. But I am so excited at the thought of living near some of my family, that I can't seem to concentrate on writing. I have never taken such a long break from writing but I think I need it. Plus, us writer's need to learn to forgive ourselves if we just "aren't feeling it" all the time.

On top of it, things haven't gone well for me in almost a year now as far as my writing career. Yes, I've gotten three new books out but all the events I had scheduled last fall, failed because of weather. I had 6 or 7 big events and every single one got rained on and/or cancelled. Rain stops people from coming out. And those that do decide to brave it, quickly run for cover and end up leaving. So no people around, makes for poor book signings. I ended up losing money, which was very disappointing.

And now that I have our potential move coming up, it's been really hard to focus on anything else. You have to understand, I haven't lived near any family in over 35 yrs. (waa waa waa)

That means 35 yrs. of never celebrating a birthday, the superbowl, Halloweeen, Christimas only when we could go visit or they could come to us, and the same with every other holiday or major event in our lives. I couldn't even have a party to celebrate my husbands 60th or his retirement because we simply have no family close by. We've met a lot of great people and good friends along the way, but nothing beats family.

So you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of living near some family again. Plus, it's my big sister, husband, their two daughters and grandson and I absolutely adore them all! We will have such fun. And to top it off, I'll get a new house in a new community and to me, that's exciting and fun. It's a new beginning for this third portion of our lives.

Some of you probably think it sounds horrible to just up and move to a new community, but my husband and I have been doing this for 35 yrs. because his job was always transferring him. So that's old news to us and we've learned to enjoy the new adventure.

To conclude, that's why I haven't been updating my blog and I will most likely be inconsistent until all of this comes to an end. I will try to update you every once in awhile on our new adventure so if you're interested, keep tuning in.

One bit of good news I have to share about my writing is my new picture book for Halloween, titled Pumpkin Squash is being finalized so look for it soon!


  1. I love the animation you've added to your pictures. You are more talented than I knew. Not only are you a great children's author, but you can mix picture and fantasy. Very good!

    ALSO -- love the cover of your newest book -- Pumpkin Squash!! Looking forward to it. I love all your books. In fact, I read Cookies for Punch to Hartley (my 7 month old grand daughter). She turned the pages one at a time and stared at the pictures lovingly. I think she truly enjoyed the story. Thank you for another great children's book.

  2. Congratulations, Allyn on the retirement, the possible move to be near family, and of course the new book! Please think of me when the book is released and I will highlight it on my blog. Oh, and--you are beautiful inside, outside, and every other which way!