Today I’m a bit sad. One of my favorite people in Baton Rouge is moving away. And is she choosing to move to somewhere I might be able to visit? Of course not! She’s moving to Barrow, Alaska!! It is the 9th northernmost city in the world and is the northernmost city in the United States of America. Geez, if she wanted to see snow, couldn’t she have just moved to Chicago or someplace like that!

Why is she moving?  Well she was one of the lucky people (I’m being sarcastic) who got laid off on the same day as myself so I guess she needs a job.  All kidding aside, I’m really happy for her. She is single with 3 grown children so why not take this adventure? Other then the fact that she is going to freeze her little toosh off, the city only has a total of 21 square miles, there is no way in and out except by plane, temperatures remain below freezing from early October through late May. The high temperature is above freezing on an average of only 120 days per year, and there are temperatures at or below 0 °F (−18 °C) on an average of 160 days per year. Freezing temperatures, and snowfall, can occur during any month of the year. But hey… why not!!??

Actually the company she is going to work for is offering her a really great salary, fantastic benefits which include 6 wks vacation right off the bat, and they will even let her keep her doctors here in Baton Rouge and fly her back for doctor visits twice a year.

But is she still nuts for moving to the middle of nowhere land? Heck no, she will just be a hop, skip, and a jump away from Santa Claus! I wonder if she’ll get to meet Rudolph?

I’ve been to Alaska and it is a beautiful state. There is almost nothing more lovely than seeing mountains with snow on them all around you.  

Surprisingly, my friend has always dreamed of moving to Alaska so this is really a big thrill for her. She is ready and willing for this new adventure in her life and although I’m being selfish in not wanting her to go,  I still wish her all the luck in the world.

How about you? Is there a place you have dreamed about all your life moving to? Me, I have no specific place I’ve dreamed about, however I do dream about walking out my back door to a white sandy beach, some type of waterfall, or a gorgeous mountain view. Sounds like heaven to me!

Let's Play Tag!!

Do you remember playing tag as a child and loving it! Well us writers love it too so this is our version of the adult tag. I’ve been tagged so now I’m tagging 4 other lucky fools (oh I mean players).

Part of the game is that when you’re tagged, you have to answer 11 questions that the tagger made up, which in my case was Courtney. Then the taggee (which is me right now) have to make up 11 questions and pass on. Below are the questions from Courtney with my answers (it even has a theme!):

Theme: Would you rather (and please explain ‘why’, if you can):

1. Would you rather meet Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?

Definitely Santa Clause. And I’d love to meet him in the North Pole, please.

2. Be bitten to death by a mosquito or a snake?

Can I take the fifth on this question? Either one would be awful, however a snake might be quicker. Plus hopefully if I got close enough to a snake that he might bite me, I’d have a heart attack first and never have to feel the bite of the snake.

3. Be too fat or too skinny?

That is the easiest question in the world for me since I’ve been too fat for the last 30 years!! I’ve been dreaming of being too skinny for more than half of my life. Please God, I’d love to be skinny again!

4. Be too smart or too dumb?

That’s kind of easy for me too as I’ve always felt I was too dumb. I’d love to have more smarts. However, being too smart would probably give me even more stress. My mind never stops now so I can imagine how many sleepless nights I’d have if I knew everything. So, I guess this wasn’t as easy as I thought because I’ve talked myself right out of being too smart. Being too dumb would definitely be an easier life!

5. Have 10 girls or 10 boys as children. Not all at once just total.

I’d be totally broke but I have to say 10 girls. Think of all the years I’d get to play with their barbies!!

6. Be put in the foster system or live with a drug-addicted parent (this does not mean abusive)?

Oh goodness this is an awful question!! Either one would be horrible. But I’d have to say live with a drug addicted parent because at least there might be a glimmer of hope that the parent would get better someday. Being tossed around from foster family to foster family would almost be hopeless.

7. Live on an island or in the mountains. Either place having few if any inhabitants.

Hmmm, this is a toughy. I think I’d chose in the mountains. Living on an island would probably be gorgeous because there would be water all around, however the hope of ever getting away would be nearly zilch. At least living in the mountains you could walk your way out or hop on one of your trained wild animals and get out.

8. Die in a plane crash or by sinking of boat?

Neither would be good. But at least a plane crash would be quick. Sinking, sinking, sinking in a black bottomless pit would be a slow torturous death. Thanks for giving me nightmares, Courtney!! LOL

9. Lose all your teeth or lose your eyesight.

Definitely my teeth. Maybe then God would give me my dream of being too skinny because I could only eat soup and liquids!! Actually, losing my eyesight would be horrible as most the things I enjoy in life are through my eyes. At least if I lost all my teeth I could always go buy new ones!!

10. Have a jaguar or a wolf (not a hybrid) as a pet.

Ooh, a jaguar would be interesting but even more dangerous than a wolf, I think. Since I’m a woos, I’d have to pick a wolf. I think almost dog like would be a lot easier to train than a big spotted cat.

11. Live forever or live until only 25. You think this is easy? This is really a question of die before all your loved ones or watch all your loved ones die. See? Not so easy is it?

True, watching everyone die before you would not be easy but I sure would want to live past 25. At 25 you haven’t even experienced life yet. But to choose living forever, I’d have to know at what age would I stay forever. If I had to live forever at age 70 or above, then I’d have to reconsider. So you see, your question isn’t fair!! So I am definitely taking the 5th on this question and let you just wonder. hee hee.

Drum roll, please. Here are my 11 questions. My theme is going to be “If you had to choose” and please answer why. Have fun!

If you had to choose:

1.Would you choose to have diarrhea or constipation the rest of your life?
2. Would you choose between falling in love with any movie star in the world, or any athlete in the world. And who would it be?
3. Would you choose to add a certain trait or quirk about yourself or take one away? And what would it be and why?
4. Would you choose to turn into a fairy or a vampire?
5. Would you choose to live in the rain or live in the hot dry desert forever?
6. If you had to choose between being a reader or a writer for the rest of your life, which would it be?
7.Would you choose to be the president of the united states or the queen of England?
8. Would you choose to have big luscious lips or big boobs?
9. Would you choose to be taken care of or take care of someone else?
10. Would you choose to be the cheerleader or on the debate team?
11. Would you choose to have warts all over your body or hair?

There you go! I hope you have fun with these. You can link your answers in a comment or just list them in a comment, whichever works best for you. Here is who I’ve tagged: