Changes In Life

Change. How many of us like changes in our life? Sometimes I think I love change. In my lifetime, I have moved a total of about 13 times, 10 of those were after the age of 19 and 6 of those were with my husband. My husband works for a major utility company and they like to transfer their people around. So basically, I had no choice but to get used to it and learn to like it. And I did. In fact, I learned to love it and actually start craving for a change about every 4-5 years or so! I love house hunting, I love moving into a new house and decorating and I love getting out and exploring a new city. But since we have no children and my husband’s company has been responsible for almost all of our moves, we haven’t had to do much packing or loading ourselves. Otherwise, I’d probably end up really hating it!

I also like change at the office. I love moving from space to space and setting up my new surroundings. Usually those things work out for the better. But I have to admit that during the process, it gets pretty darn frustrating when things don’t always go smoothly. It’s hard not to join in all the grumbling from co-workers that don’t do well with change. I have always tried to adjust and be positive about office changes because everything usually ends up working out just fine when it’s all said and done.

However, most times in an office move, the employee has no real control over the situation and how smoothly things go. My entire company just finished moving to a new location and I have to say that it has not and is not going very smoothly. Some things going on are preventing us from getting our work done or making it extra difficult. It’s been extremely hard to stay positive and not grumble!

Thank god for my writing. Since I began writing, it has truly changed me. It has given me a way out from depression and anxiety! Oh I still get in those moods, but not for nearly as long of periods. Why? Because I can’t go that long without thinking about my next book or story! And once I start focusing on writing again, the other things just don’t seem to matter as much and I can get my mind off of them.

Yay for books, writing, and imagination! I’d be sunk without them. How about you?

Is Organization and Planning a Hindrance?

Today, I am driving myself even more nutzo than normal. I have no choice but to confess… that I am an organizational nut! I have to have things organized. I have to have things planned. I’m not a complete “freak” about the organizational aspect, as far as keeping things neat etc., but I MUST know where things are or how they need to be. But I might be a little “freaky” about the planning thing. I go nuts when things aren’t planned well. I worry, then worry some more, and keep on worrying. Everything usually works out just fine in the long run, but in the meantime, I’ve worried about it 24/7.
I think I may have inherited some of this from my mother (I’ll blame her anyway). She likes to have every minute of her day planned out as well and sometimes gets very bent out of shape if things don’t go according to plan. I find that I do that a lot as well. I get really nervous when a friend asks me to do something spur of the moment or even when my husband comes home from work and says, “let’s go out to dinner.” WHAT!!!??? I didn’t plan that!!” Geez, why can’t I just chill and go with the flow! Sometimes I really think it prevents me from enjoying a lot of life.
My office is getting ready to move to a new building and I have been keeping myself up at night worrying about how everything will work. I wonder who will pack this, who will pack that, how will we move this? And I really have no control over it so why do I worry?
Maybe that’s why I feel right at home when I’m writing. I have full control and can plan every aspect of the story. I can organize it exactly how I see fit. I can plan on what day I will write and which story I will work on!  Of course it doesn’t always work out as planned but I still feel as though I have full control and can just readjust my planning! Are most writer’s “freaky, obsessed organizers and planners?” I’m curious  to see what you think?