Summer Break

Wow, I'm so glad the last week is over! Unfortunately, we had to make an emergency trip home to Ohio and spent almost every waking second in the hospital. My mother-in-law was admitted and the Dr. called the family home. And we all know what that usually means.

Well lucky for us, she fought hard and was released. The doctor did not expect her progress. But she is now fighting her way back at a rehab. I won't go into the details of what was wrong with her because my husbands family is a very private one so I need to honor that. We are just so glad that she seems to be getting better and hopefully will go home in a few weeks. I need to thank God that he is allowing her to be with us a little while longer! My mother-in-law is a special lady who has from the get-go made me feel a part of the family. I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law. Our family needs her to continue fighting and following the doctors orders!

Next week my husband and I are actually going on a much needed vacation to Wisconsin to visit my oldest sister and her husband. My other sister and her husband are also making the trip up. It seems all our trips are always to visit family since both sides all live far away from us. But this one should be very relaxing and loads of fun. I'm really looking forward to it!

Since I was unable to blog last week because of our emergency situation and I will be on vacation next week, I've made the tough (NOT!!) decision to take the entire month of August off from blogging. If the kids can take summer breaks than so can I!! So this will be my last post until the first Thursday in September.

Thanks to everyone who tunes into my blog each week and comments and I'll see ya in September! (hopefully it will be a little cooler by then!)


  1. Good for you, Allyn. Everyone needs a break once in awhile, and this one for you sounds like a winner! Have a good time, relax, and enjoy your family get-together. See you in September.


    1. Thanks, Mikki. I'm definitely enjoying my time off!

  2. Glad your MIL is doing better. And hope you have a lovely vacation. Enjoy your break and I'll look forward to your return.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful and restful trip this time. You take care.

  4. I hope your mother-in-law continues to progress nicely.

    Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.