Writing Contest Opportunity

Do you ever enter writing contests? If you never have, you might want to think about it. At least once.

When I was first beginning my writing career, I was totally skeptical about whether or not I had any talent for writing at all. I thought I did, but still couldn't help wondering if I was nuts or not! Would I make a total fool of myself?

The one thing I did know was that if I was to become a writer, I wanted to write for children. So I researched and researched what it would take to become a children's book writer. And I must admit, it was a bit overwhelming.

However, once I sat at my computer and began writing my first story...I was hooked and knew that this must be my calling! I had more fun writing that story than I'd had in anything I'd done all my years of working.

But I still hadn't totally convinced myself that I could do it. UNTIL...I sent my first completed manuscript out. I entered it into a contest.

And no, I didn't win that contest but I won something else far more valuable to me. I won confidence in my writing. I had finished a story and actually sent it out! And that's a huge accomplishment for
anyone who truly wants to become a writer. After I sent my manuscript off to the contest I felt so good that I signed up to attend The Institute of Children's Literature. Best two decisions I ever made!

Why am I telling you all this? Well on my last blog I announced that I am now on FutureWord Publishing's Staff and we are having our first children's picture book writing contest. I want all unpublished authors to enter this contest because it's a wonderful opportunity. If you are the lucky winner, you'll get a publishing contract! Woo hoo! And even if you don't win the big prize, you could end up being one of ten lucky runners up and get your story published in a book of short stories that FutureWord is going to publish. So, you don't just have one opportunity to get yourself published, you have eleven!!

But even if you aren't a winner in the contest, this could be that extra little shove you need to actually get your work out there. To accomplish a new beginning. Remember, if we as writers don't submit our work, we simply will never get our stories published! And FutureWord can even help you with that because they also offer design services from top to bottom. Check out those services here:

So, don't give it one more thought of "Should I or shouldn't I, Am I good enough or not?" JUST DO IT!! Enter the contest and see what happens while gaining confidence.

Check out FutureWord's website for all the details.


  1. I like the idea that anyone over the age of 12 can participate.

  2. It's really a great opportunity for anyone who loves to write childrens stories and wants to get published!

  3. Good luck with the contest. I hope you get a lot of great entries!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I hope a lot of people take advantage of this great opportunity!

  4. I gained one of my first clouds of confidence in writing after receiving an honorable mention in a Writers' Digest contest. Unpublished writers will definitely benefit (or gain more experience) from them. Off tweeting about your contest now!