Downton Abbey

I'm not exactly sure why but I'm addicted to the TV Series Downton Abbey. I'd been hearing over and over from people how good this show is but I always seemed to miss it when it was on. When I did catch an episode, it just didn't grab my attention. I thought it looked "cheesy."  I never really watched a full episode.

However, while I was browsing through Target one day, the Season 1 DVD would for some reason not let me continue with my shopping without purchasing it. So I did. Then I went back and bought the rest of the seasons.

I am totally hooked on this show now. In fact, so
much so that I am watching the seasons for a 2nd time around, which I have never done in my life! Sure, I watch reruns of some shows but it's really only because nothing else is on. There are only a handful of shows that I would intentionally watch over again. But would probably never buy the DVD's.

Downton Abbey is brilliantly written, in my eyes. The characters all have something very unique and special about them. They really draw you in. This show also makes me realize the power of make-up, clothes and hair. This picture is what the lady looks like playing her part of a "devious, manipulative" ladies maid on the left and on the right is how she really looks. What a tranformation!

But what I really love about the show is learning how they did things back then and the difference between how the rich live and think, versus the serving staff. I also enjoy that the show brings out problems that you and I face even today. But totally shocking to me is when the "high and mighty" rich family show that they have real feelings of love towards their staff.

The show also makes me completely thankful that I wasn't born back in those days. They didn't even have TV's or computers! For shame!! Actually, it's not for those reasons that I'm glad I wasn't alive back then. There is no way I could dress up for every meal like they do. The women have to wear long gloves for dinner and the men white tie tux's.

There is one episode where one of the men's white shirts and ties disappeared so he had to wear a black tie! Everyone at dinner noticed this and made some kind of comment. Anyway, not my thing!

And the ladies all have to wear their hair up for some reason. You only see it semi-down at night when they go to bed.

Although I would have a very hard time with most of their "rich" traditions, there is one I could definitely get used to. When a woman gets married, she no longer is required to come down for breakfast. She is served breakfast in bed! I would be all in for that tradition.

Now, all my husband needs to do is ask for at least a 20 million dollar raise or I need to become the next J.K. Rowling and maybe I'll get that breakfast in bed!!

So how about you? Do I have any other Downton Abbey addicts out there?


  1. Hi Allyn,
    Yeah, I'm a fellow Downton Abbey fan. I can't wait for January and season six! At the same time I'm in mourning that it's the last season. We've seen some terrific acting in various scenes over the years (for example, Anna's rape). I haven't missed an episode so far and am currently watching it over again via Netflix. I'm currently up to season three there. I really see myself buying the set when it's over!

    1. I'm in mourning too, Deb. I don't understand why such a popular show has to end so quickly while other crap shows don't seem to ever end!

  2. I've never watched this show. Weird, right?

  3. Oh my God, YES!!! I never saw it on PBS either, but I started watching it on Netflix only because I watched every season of Upstairs, Downstairs, and knew this was similar. In fact, it's VERY similar.

    1. I never watched Upstairs, Downstairs but always heard about it.

  4. My wife got me hooked on it. Can I blame it on her? But we will be sad to see it end.

    Why do they always end the good ones?

  5. I'm not addicted to it but I do enjoy watching when it comes on. That era, the speech, and the proper and improper ways of behaviour, whether you are from the upstairs or downstairs ... it's all very engaging.