I Want To Be A Dog

While I was walking with my dogs around the dog park this morning, I realized something. I want to be a dog!!! Boy do they have it good.

They get to run and play without a care or worry in the world. They don't have to worry about the fact that their big book signing coming up this weekend  is probably going to get rained out. They don't have to worry about what their fixing for dinner tonight. Or that they are getting older and have to go through watching their parents age. They don't have to worry about having enough candy for trick-or-treaters or that their husbands job is restructuring for the millionth time and he may end up unemployed. The biggest worry my dog, Punch has is getting too far away from her idol, Beemer (our other dog). And the only worry, Beemer has is how to get on the other side of the trail so the dog coming up to her won't sniff her rear!!

That's right, she's a dog but she's not a normal dog. She doesn't like to go outdoors without a human with her, she can't take a nap without peeing in her sleep, and she doesn't like other dogs. Here she is this little tiny thing showing her teeth whenever another dog comes up to her. Like they are afraid of her!!

Then there's, Punch. He loves everyone and everything. He never met a stranger.

Going to the dog park is extremely good for my mood and gives me tons of inspiration for writing kids books. To me there is nothing more joyous than watching all the doggies running and having a great time. Just like you parents out there enjoy watching your kids at the kiddy park, well that's how I feel watching my four legged kids.

We should all take a tip from our pets and stop stressing about everything. Why don't we just take a walk and chill out like they do? Or find a friend to play with and smile. And maybe if we're real good, someone will give us a treat! Yep...I want to be a dog.

Before the park

After the park


  1. They are too cute. I love the before and after poses. Me, I wouldn't mind be a jaguar...LOL. I think about this stuff now and then.

  2. Yes, they do have relaxing down to a science. ;)

  3. Aw, what a great post. Is your little tan colored one a Lhasa? He or she (sorry, I'm not sure which one is Beemer and which one is Punch) looks just like my Java who's a Lhasa mix. He loves to meet everyone--human, dog, cat, squirrel, bird--when we go for walks. He's my favorite walking buddy. :)

  4. But if you were a dog, I wouldn't have your wonderful books to share with my grandkids.

  5. Going to the park (with or without dogs) always lifts the spirits. Your dogs are adorable, Allyn. :)