First Illustration Sketches

Got a look at the first draft of illustrations for my upcoming picture book today. I couldn't be happier. The illustrator has captured my vision, perfectly! I feel so lucky. Sorry, I can't share with anyone just yet but you can rest assured that as soon as I can, I will be sharing.

I never in a million years thought this process would be so easy. I really lucked out when I sent my manuscript to FutureWord Publishing. They are a very small pubishing company; however they have just been wonderful to work with.

Any writer who is afraid of submitting to the small publishers... do it. I believe FutureWord Publishing is able to give me special attention because they are smaller. You do need to be careful though and check (not just small publishing companies but larger ones as well) their contract very thoroughly. But if you are able to latch on to a good one, count your blessings!

2011 is starting out to be a killer year for me!! I hope it's starting out good for everyone else as well. Has anyone else had something great happen to them already this year? Do tell!!

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  1. I am so very excited for you and your upcoming picture book. Also your 2011 year is starting off with a huge bang. I hope it continues for you all year long.