Feeling Blessed

Today as I contemplated what to write about, I wondered if I should write about fall, which is one of my favorite seasons. Or maybe I should write about my recent trip to Virginia and the "traumatic" experience my family and I experienced during that visit. But I decided to save that for a book idea instead! Then I thought maybe I should just stick to a writing subject.

But I decided against all that and instead I felt the need to express how "giddy" and "blessed" I feel today! So what better place than here to "hop up and dance with joy!"

I'm not a very religious person but am smart enough to know when God has blessed me with wonderful things. First off, it is fall after all so I'm happy as a I can be about that. Finally us Louisianians have some relief from the heat! My dogs and I can now begin our habit of walking everyday again.

My stomach is full of butterflies right now because I think we've found a publisher for my mom/sis's book of holiday stories! This has been my mom's favorite book to write so far and means a lot to her so keep your fingers crossed that it all turns out. I have a lot of faith in this publisher though but that's all I can say about it for now.

I'm also jumping for joy because I was able to work with my Futureword Publisher and get a firm title decided for the sequel to my picture book The Pea in Peanut Butter. The title will be Kailee Finds Magic IN Words. The estimated time for publishing is April, 2014 but all of you writer's know that could change. But I'm excited!

The big Louisiana Book Festival is coming up in a few weeks so I'm gearing up for that. It's always so much fun to see how many thousands of people love to read! And there is nothing more fun than a book signing, especially of this magnitude, so my butterflies are flying around in my stomach thinking of that as well.

Even more important than all of that, I'm feeling blessed because God was able to give me a chance to get together with my family not once this year but 3 times! And that truly is amazing since we all live so far away from each other. Wish we could make that happen every year!

One of the biggest miracles of this year was that God allowed my mother-in-law to recover from her grave illness that we thought was almost hopeless. She still has some problems but she's still with us and doing so much better.

So those are just a few of the things that are making me so happy today. How about you? Do you have any "giddy" news you'd like to share? If not, have faith, patience, and determination and good things will come to you too!


  1. I loved this post, Allyn. I am so glad that you are having a period of greatness not just for yourself but that you can be happy for others that are experiencing it as well. You are wonderful. I hope you know that.

    Congrats on the upcoming April! Its coming soon!

  2. I love the fall too, Allyn. I can't get enough of it, though it's giving me terrible allergy issues.

    Congrats on your next FutureWord title. Can't wait to read it. My next picture book with them comes out December 3, 2013. I'm excited.

    1. Congrats, Kelly! Can't wait to see both our books out there!

  3. Thrilled for you on your many blessings, Allyn! That quote rings brilliantly true.

  4. Having a rough morning this morning, but I know there is a hidden blessing in my circumstances somewhere. Great to read this post today, Allyn. When we count our blessings, we are reminded of how small are problems really are. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ruth,

      Sorry about whatever is making your morning rough but it will get better, you know it will! Keep smiling!