2013 Lessons Learned

2013 was full of new adventures and challenges for me and I'm looking forward to what 2014 brings to my life.

In 2013, I was able to visit my immediate family more times than normal and that was a true blessing. I was also blessed with free time on my hands to truly breathe in the joy of all the holidays and was fortunate to be able to take my time with all the holiday decorating. I attended many book signings that were somewhat successful and gave me some great contacts. My husband and I's health did not go down hill, which is a challenge in itself. Watching my father struggle with alzheimer's was one of my most depressing challenges of 2013 and is only going to be worse in the coming years. However, seeing my mother overcome this diversity by getting 2 books published, all the while dealing with my fathers alzheimer's as well as her own medical challenges, has given me much strength. If she can remain positive and continue on... so can I.

I learned some important things in 2013 that hopefully will help me out in 2014:

1. The dirt in my house will not kill me for a few hours, even a day! There is always tomorrow to clean.
2. I will get more writing done if I stop cleaning every day!
3. Old friends are my most valued antiques.
4. I have to learn to not feed into the negative, drama filled people in my life.
5. My dogs aren't going to kill each other during their hissy fits!
6. I don't have to have a new piece of jewelry to make myself happy. (well I'm still working on believing that one)
7. If a manuscript gets rejected, it doesn't mean it's no good. Either keep sending to other publishers or pick it up and make it better.
8. It doesn't mean I'm not a writer just because I work on stories that are already in my inventory. I still created those stories at one time!
9. Starting a new story from beginning to end in one sitting (I'm talking picture books or short stories here) might be the best feeling in the world!
10. Editing and making a story polished and better, is even more wonderful!
11. Sending out a story I believe in to publishers makes me giddy.
12. If I really want to do something bad enough, I can do it!
13. Ignoring the laundry, doesn't produce clean clothes!

I've learned a lot more than that in 2013 but don't want to chase you all away with boredom!

My hope for myself as well as all of you is that 2014 brings us all many valuable lessons and of course lots of luck and good fortune!


  1. That sounds like you are writing about me Al. Well, for the most part, lol. I'm sure you'll have a great 2014

    1. I'm sure you will too, Terrie. Goodluck to us both!

  2. I need to add the cleaning part to my goals for this year. It's so easy to convince myself to just "tidy up" before sitting down and writing.

    1. I know, Sherry. I tell myself I'm tidying too and then before I know it, an hour has past and I've just cut into my writing time!