Happy Birthday to ME!

Normally, I like to be pretty "blasé''" about my birthday but what the heck... I needed something to blog about and since today is my birthday, well here ya go!

As unbelievable as it seems, I am now 57. Which when I was young... meant half dead... old as dirt... wrinkled and shriveled up. And although I really am over half dead, because I've lived more life than I probably have left, I just don't feel that way! I still feel as though I'm only in my 30's.

I thought it might be fun to see how I've changed over the years. Ya'all want a good laugh don't you? So I'm going to share with you some photo's of me through the years.

Here's me in Kindergarten. Awe, ain't I cute! Too bad my oldest sister didn't agree. She thought I was the "devil!"


My first short haircut. Don't ya just love the curly Q!!??


I just thought this green shirt was the bomb!

High School Band, first chair. Too bad I faked my way through most of it!

Jr. Prom. My date looks scared to death. If he'd only known he was marrying the best wife ever! Yes... that's my hubby.

This is my favorite picture of my husband and I. We were probably 17 here. I thought he was sooooo sexy!

He must have thought I was too because here is our engagement picture six or seven yrs. later. Took him long enough!
Wedding with my grandma (left) and my mom in 1981. I'm all covered up! Don't cringe, you brides of today. ha!
Us in front of our first house as a married couple ever. My parents on the left. We were probably in our late 20's here. See I was skinny ONCE!!
New Orleans with my writer sister, Genilee on the left; older sister, Monya; brother Mark, and me. What the heck was I thinking with those pants!! I was probably in my 30's here.

My family. Think I was again in my 30's. I'm in the red.

And from then, it's all downhill. Here with my 10 chins and many pounds later in 2013.

I may be a lot fatter, have bottled hair, and old lady tags... but I'm a published author now! Woo hoo!

See, getting older isn't all bad. I've learned so much and am finally proud of what I've accomplished and am looking forward to many many more great adventures and books to write!

Thanks for travelling down memory lane with me. Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday. I hope today is glorious!

  2. Allyn,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And many more to come. I just loved looking at the pictures and going down memory lane with you. You're right. You're not getting older, you're getting better!

  3. feeling your pain AND you joy.
    fellow author and sis/mom

    1. But you're older so you're pain is even worse! hee hee

  4. Happy birthday, Allyn! I love that Jr. Prom pic. So sweet!

  5. Dear Allyn, happy birthday! These photos are beautiful. And I love your hairstyles, especially those in childhood! (I couldn't carry off a short crop.)

    1. Thanks, Claudine. But I'm not so sure I carried off that short hair cut well at all!!

  6. I'm proud of you too....and loved this post.

    1. I love you lil brother! And I have a surprise for you in February, hopefully.